Resolve Customer Issues at Lightspeed


Deliver an Effortless Customer Experience, Connect Teams to Fix Issues, and Proactively Prevent Calls


The cost of delivering service is skyrocketing, while customer satisfaction is at an all‑time low. Managing customers and cases with CRM isn't enough. With ServiceNow, you can deliver effortless service to increase customer satisfaction while proactively reducing case volumes and costs. Connect departments, workflows, and systems, resolve underlying issues, and automate service across the enterprise.

How to Resolve Customer Issues at Lightspeed

  • 1Make It Easy For
    Customers To Engage

    Provide effortless customer service across any channel at any time.
  • 2Reduce Case Volume
    With Self-Service

    Encourage customers to help themselves with a self-service catalog, knowledge base, social Q&A, and portal.
  • 3Monitor For Issues and
    Create Cases Automatically

    Proactively monitor customers’ products and services and take action on potential issues and outages.
  • 4Assign Tasks Across
    The Enterprise

    Connect customer service with engineering, field service, finance, and other teams to drive accountability for resolution.
  • 5Prevent Future Calls

    Fix underlying issues to eliminate calls, drive knowledge base content changes, preemptively notify customers, and act on trends revealed in Performance Analytics.

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Work at lightspeed

Every employee, customer, and machine can make requests on a single cloud platform. Every department working on tasks can assign and prioritize, collaborate, get down to root cause issues, gain real-time insights, and drive to action.


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